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Stion is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency solar modules. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Jose, CA. We are advancing the industry by dramatically improving the cost and performance of solar energy through superior manufacturing and R&D technology. Stion is making clean, renewable solar energy the clear and economical choice for all types of solar installations.

Stion Advantages
Typically out produces legacy crystalline (poly or mono) technology by over 8% or more kwh/daily
Short video of current Stion projects. Click Here
Stion modules are very attractive all black framed and frameless modules. Performance - Click Here
100% of the modules are made in the USA Stion Manufacturing Plant Video - Hattiesburg, MS
Listed on CEC/CSI at a PTC/STC ratio of 92.9% which is in the top 2% of all CEC list modules
With our technology NREL and Stion have 0% degradation over the past 8 years. More Info

Our latest models are the even more efficient, Elevation series: STO and STL. The STO (Framed) and STL (Frameless) modules were! Elevation series CIGS thin-film module yield up to a 14% efficiency, and deliver a heat coefficient down to -0.26%/0C. When compared to mono c-si at -0.44%/0C we can produce more energy year round!

Stion Energy Generation Estimate

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