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About Us

We offer simple and affordable option for homeowners who want to switch to solar. Our plans allow homeowners to upgrade to solar for little or no cost, without the risks and hassles typically associated with residential solar power. Solar is a great choice for homeowners to lower their utlity bills. It's also the perfect financing for homeowners who have thought about purchasing a home solar power system.

Having a team of skilled, proficient people working for and with us, allows us to fulfill our customers’ expectations. We aim to offer the very best expert knowledge and skills in our industry.

You're already on your way to being power independent by investigating solar systems on the internet.

Let us show you how you can have FREE POWER.
Installation can take as little as one day!


Last Project

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7.62kW System
28 Mage 240 watt panels. Grid-tied system using a Power 1 string inverter. The structure is Schletter all aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. Footings below grade are 18" wide 24" deep and 20 feet long.

Past Projects

9.36kW System
39 - 240W modules on a Valley Center rooftop home. Grid-tied system using a string inverter from SMA.

5.28kW System
22 - 240W modules on a rooftop in Mexico. Grid-tied system using a string inverter from SMA. Zero electric bill since installation!

Stay Tuned!
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